Welcome to GriyaArimba

One of Yogyakarta's specialty, GriyaArimba warmly welcomes your visit to enjoy the romance of Jogja. Traveling, family visits, graduations, and office affairs will be even more enjoyable with GriyaArimba's unique acommodation, feels like home with Jogja's village atmosphere and its strategic location.  


Comfortable with complete facilities

Comfort is our priority, the aesthetic beauty of the building is a plus that you can enjoy. Besides complete facilities of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, spacious living room, garden, spacious parking, 3 clean bathrooms, and a pendopo as GriyaArimba'scharateristic

Its strategic location could reach all Jogja tourism destinations

Jogja as a tourist destination, starts from natural tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, educational tourism, millennial tourism, adventurous tourism, thematic tourism, culinary tourism untill shopping tourism are all available

Traditional Modern building aesthetics

Combining traditional Javanese building concepts and modernity that still presents the beauty of architectural. Exposed brick material with teak wood makes Javanese nuance more special

“Lawasan” furniture

“Lawasan” furniture use, which in Javanese means reusable ancient furniture increase a traditional nuance

Retro Classic Decoration

The selection of room decorations affirming a traditional nuance such as classic retro lamps, decorations of wood and clay materials

Worth the price for a visit

Vacation with family and friends enjoying jogja from a different perspective, GriyaArimba provides attractive offers, in addition to residential accommodation, transportation and documentation, we are ready to make your visit unforgettable.

Unique photo spot

Each corner offers a variety of theme photos spot,, making togetherness being a special story and memories

The “Pendopo” and The Green Yard

The Pendopo as a characteristic of GriyaArimba with a green courtyard serves as a place to gather and play time together

Beautiful, friendly atmosphere feels like Homey

To be in a beautiful environment with the atmosphere of a jogja village, GriyaArimba offers a comfortable, nice environment that makes you feels like home